from by Snake Oil Charlatans



At one, shut me out
Couldn’t stand another meltdown
My eyes upon the stars as you disintegrate alone
It’s trick or treat, but you won’t want what you receive
You always end up on your knees a little wiser

I know where I want to be, but I can’t get there
Two hearts
Too far too go
I can point my telescope to the farthest reaches of my galaxies
But it can’t show me where I’m hurting you

Show me where I’ve hurt you

At two, try again
Look across the voice and try to touch
A cross-eyed fool who cannot chart the stars of his own life
I’d tell you why if I knew the inner workings of my mind
So do not seek and do not find, and you’ll be better off

Procyon to Tao Ceti to Eta Cassiopiae
I gaze and gaze and gaze and fade away
Sirius to Barnard’s Star, Alpha Centauri to Sun
I gaze and gaze and gaze until I cannot see the point

When all is said and done, don’t mistake me
When all is said and done, don’t get me wrong
I had nothing but the best intentions


from Elixir, released October 22, 2010



all rights reserved


Snake Oil Charlatans Grand Rapids, Michigan

We're a Rock 'n Roll band based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Snake Oil Charlatans was formed in August of 2009. Each member of Snake Oil Charlatans brings very different styles of music into the band, creating a cohesive unit that generates music of all kinds. We don't like putting creative barriers on ourselves by sticking to one style or sound. ... more

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