Die Quickly

from by Snake Oil Charlatans



You work all day for your hard-earned pay
And you never give a further thought
Pay income tax with the sweat of your backs
For the freedom that your labor bought
But what if one day you heard the doctor say the “C” word
Had spread through your daughter’s body
And the treatment plan costs a five-year span
Of the food you would feed your family?

And the men at the top say it’s never going to stop
Here’s advice to the poor and sickly
If you can’t pay the bills for the cuttin’ and the pills
Then the least you can do is die quickly

So you wait on the phone with an HMO
It’s a business like any other
Feed their bottom line, and they’re doin’ just fine
By the healthy that they cover
But when you get ill, the way folks will
They don’t return the feeling
‘Cause a business makes money, so they’re tellin’ you, honey
These doctors ain’t for healing

And the men with the clout all would love to help you out
But they make more green playin’ tricksy
If you can’t pay the bills for the cuttin’ and the pills
Then the least you can do is die quickly

A celebrated musician’s preexisting condition
Has him laid up in the house all day
He’s not feeling well, so his records won’t sell
And his record company won’t pay
With no end in sight, he ended his life
For pain is a tireless worker
Accidental Misadventure or a desperate bender?
But me, I’d call it murder

All those who vote, don’t cut your own throat
Pick a man with a plan to fix the
Land of the free for likes of you and me
So we will not die quickly


from Elixir, released October 22, 2010
written by: Dale Wicks



all rights reserved


Snake Oil Charlatans Grand Rapids, Michigan

We're a Rock 'n Roll band based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Snake Oil Charlatans was formed in August of 2009. Each member of Snake Oil Charlatans brings very different styles of music into the band, creating a cohesive unit that generates music of all kinds. We don't like putting creative barriers on ourselves by sticking to one style or sound. ... more

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